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Since our inception, Al-Ahed Group of Companies has made significant contributions to the local industry by introducing several new technologies, processes, applications, and ideas ensuring growth to its customers, partners, and the country. Al-Ahed has also made substantial investments in the country by continuously improving customer facilities, increasing manpower, diversifying product range, and raising stock levels. We serve the Qatar market by providing a complete range of products, accessories and services for oil and gas related projects. Oil and Gas companies require a high level of safety and security in the workplace for carrying out their day-to-day functions smoothly. . Client satisfaction has always been the ethos of Al-Ahed. This is achieved by a combination of excellent Product Range and Service, professional team, and excellent relationship with its Clients

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" YOUR CHOICE IS RIGHT WHEN YOU REACH AL-AHED". AL-AHED is your one stop shop for all your materials requirements for all types of mechanical equipment other kinds of materials catering to Oil & Gas industry and construction sector . We supply and source our materials from the reputed Manufacturers all over the world with the highest quality standards required in the industry . VISIT our stocking/show room facility, it houses a wide range of materials, tools for all your needs and requirements . It is our intention to provide the industry with the best customer services by supplying quality materials at the most effective price and providing support and services to promptly deliver these materials at your doorsteps.Below is the list of our few Product & Service offering for the Proejcts

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PUMPS- integrally geared low-flow high head and multi-stage ISO 13709/API-610 standard pumps, and sealless magnetic drive pumps that meet API-685 and ANSI standards. Plunger/Diaphragm operated Chemical injection/Dosing/metering Pumps, Double Diaphragm Pumps Positive Displacement Twinro Screw Pumps for heavy viscous liquids CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSORS: Integrally Geared Centrifugal Single Stage/Multi Stage Heavy Duty Compressor MIXERS/AGITATORS- Side entry-Belt/gear driven mixers, Top entry Mixers/Agitators

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HEAT EX- CHANGERS- Shell & Tube, Plate and Air Cooled Heat Exchanges. PRESSURE VESSELS: Pig Launchers/Recievers,Pressure Vessels,Process Columns,Skid Mounted process units, Qucik Opening Closures, Pig Signallers FILTER/STRAINERS- Basket type Simplex/Duplex Filters, bath Tub type T Strainers, Angle Baskets, Back Flush, Self cleaning, Strainers, Dry Gas Filters, Coalesers etc. GASKETS- Spiral Wound, Metal Jacketed, Kammprofile Gaskets, Ring Joints, Flange Insulation Kits, Sheet Gaskets, CNAF Sheets, PTFE Sheets, Flange Rescue Gaskets and all type of customized gaskets. STATIC SEALING GLAND PACKING AND O RINGS




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